Automated Red Light Enforcement Camera System

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According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, nearly 1,000 people lose their lives every year in the United States due to Red Light Violators. In an effort to prevent devastating crashes that cause injuries and fatalities to both drivers and pedestrians, the Village of Plainfield has implemented an automated red light camera system at the intersections of Route 59 and 135th Street, and Route 30 and Renwick Road. Red light camera systems similar to the system implemented by the Village have operated in the United States for many years have been proven to:
  • Reduce Accidents
  • Improve Safety and Welfare of the Community
  • Reduce Traffic Crash Injuries
  • Allow Police to Focus on Other Safety Issues
  • Improve Traffic Flow
  • Save Lives!
The cameras installed at the intersections of Route 59 and 135th Street, and Route 30 and Renwick Road, are implemented in an effort to prevent traffic accidents that result in injuries and/or fatalities to drivers and pedestrians. The cameras monitor the northbound and southbound traffic at the intersection of Route 59 and 135th Street, and the northbound traffic at the intersection of Route 30 and Renwick Road.  Persons violating the red light traffic signals at those intersections where automated red light traffic signals are installed, will receive violation notices with an associated civil monetary penalty of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00).

The red-light cameras work as follows: the red-light camera system operates ONLY when the traffic light is red - capturing images of actual red-light violations. The camera system captures three (3) photographic images of the alleged violation. The first image provides a view of the vehicle before crossing the white stop line and showing that the traffic light is red. The second image shows that the vehicle has continued through the intersection while the traffic light remains red. The third image shows the license plate of the offending vehicle. Personnel from the Village's Police Department will review all images to determine the validity of the alleged violation, and only after such review will a violation notice be issued. Such notices will be issued within twenty-one (21) days of the date of the violation and will include information on how an offender can view "on-line" the images of his/her red light violation captured by the automated camera system. Violators will have a minimum of fourteen (14) days from receipt of the violation notice to pay the civil penalty amount ($100) or request a hearing date.

As always, please continue to obey the traffic laws of the State of Illinois for your safety as well as the safety of others.

Red Light Camera Locations

Route 30 & Renwick Road (Northbound)
Route 59 & 135th Street (North and Southbound)