143rd Street Extension - Engineering
The 143rd Street Extension project completes the Comprehensive Plan vision of re-routing IL 126 onto 143rd Street by closing the gaps between Ridge Road and Steiner Road in the west (rural) and between IL 59 and existing IL 126 in the east (urban). Traffic using the bypass route will be returned to the existing IL 126 alignment west of the Village limits via Ridge Road.


The eastern extension of 143rd Street previously received Phase I Design Approval and engineering efforts are now focused on a shifted alignment which reduces environmental impacts. Federal funding has been committed to this project via the Illinois Competitive Freight Program and Surface Transportation Program with the Village looking to leverage additional funding partners. The Village is targeting 2022 to begin construction. A Public Information Meeting was held on September 24, 2019.

143rd Street East Extension Public Information Meeting (9/24/19) Documents & Exhibits
o Aerial Map (Proposed Improvements)
o Aerial Map (Land Acquisition)
o Display Boards (18 Exhibits)
o Noise Abatement Information


The western extension of 143rd Street will be completed by developer obligations and the Village of Plainfield with engineering currently underway. As part of the overall project, a traffic signal will be installed at Meadow Lane and potentially Ridge Road. Construction is expected to begin in 2020 for the western extension.

  143rd Street West Water Main Extension
This project includes water main improvements consisting of approximately 8,500 lineal feet of new 12- to 16-inch water main looped along the soon to be constructed 143rd Street roadway extension from Steiner Road to Ridge Road. The water main will also extend north along Ridge Road from the 143rd Street extension to Plainfield Road. The project also includes installation of a new pressure reducing valve (PRV) near the intersection of Ridge Road and Plainfield Road.
127th Street & Plainfield-Naperville Road Traffic Signal - Engineering
Final engineering work is currently underway for the traffic signal and intersection improvement at 127th Street and Plainfield-Naperville Road. The project, once complete, will provide a new traffic signal, dedicated left turn lanes at all legs of the intersection, and improved drainage and geometry within the project limits. The project is a cooperative effort which involves the Villages of Plainfield and Bolingbrook and the Will County Division of Transportation.


I-55 Interchange Improvements & Lockport Street Bypass - Engineering
The Villages of Romeoville, Bolingbrook, and Plainfield, along with IDOT, are leading the Phase I Study and Planning process in conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The study area for potential interchange improvements along I-55 extends from Route 30 to Weber Road. Currently, the only access within the study corridor limits is an eastbound entrance and westbound exit at Route 126. The current study will evaluate potential alternative interchange locations. Project information is online at
Additionally, the Village completed a Feasibility Study for the Lockport Street Bypass project which provided a preferred alternative for traffic to travel through the Lockport Street/IL Route 126 corridor (Lockport Bypass Corridor Report Presentation). This study is closely related to the I-55 Interchange Improvements and focused on potential impacts from an interstate interchange at Lockport Street. The preferred alternative for the Lockport Street Bypass will be integrated and studied further as part of the I-55 Interchange Improvements.


Indian Boundary Road Structure Replacement - Engineering
Preliminary engineering work has begun for the replacement of the Indian Boundary Road structure north of the Creekside Crossing subdivision. The existing dual pipe culvert structure will be replaced with a dual cell box culvert to improve the hydraulics of Spring Hole Creek as well as provide pedestrian accommodations within the project limits. Preliminary engineering includes detailed surveying, wetland identification and delineation, hydraulic modeling, and preliminary bridge/structure design. Final engineering will begin after IDOT/FHWA approval of the Preliminary Engineering documents. Funding assistance for the project is provided through a Highway Bridge Program (HBP) grant administered through the Will County Governmental League and the Illinois Department of Transportation. A Public Information Meeting was held on December 6, 2018 and an additional Public Information Meeting has been scheduled for October 15, 2019.


Old Town Utility Improvements

The Village of Plainfield applied to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) Water Pollution Control Loan Program to request funding to finance the Old Town (East of Route 59) Sanitary Sewer Lining project. The IEPA has issued a Notice of Intent to Issue a Categorical Exclusion for the proposed project which has little to no potential for causing negative environmental impacts. The project consists of lining 14,300 LF of sewer ranging in size from 6-inches to 18-inches. The service laterals for 300 homes along the project will also be lined which will include 10,500 LF of 6-inch sewer pipe. Per the IEPA Loan Rules, Section 365.330, the IEPA has determined that the proposed project may be excluded from a detailed environmental impacts review. The full document and facility planning information are available for review here: Facility Plan; Notice of Categorical Exclusion.

Renwick Road Reconstruction – Engineering
Preliminary engineering work is ongoing for roadway improvements along Renwick Road, between River Road and IL Route 59. The project will consist of reconstructing the existing two-lane segment of roadway to provide a two-way roadway with one travel lane in each direction and a flush, striped median and left turn lanes at intersections. Curb and gutter and underground drainage will be constructed throughout the limits of the reconstruction. New sidewalk and a shared use path will be constructed along the north side of Renwick Road. The existing urban section of Renwick Road with curb and gutter, west of IL Route 59, will be resurfaced as a part of the project.
Village Green – Construction/Engineering
A three-year project in the Village Green area (generally south of Lockport Street, east of James Street, and west of IL Route 59) which involves underground utility improvements and roadway reconstruction is currently underway with the first phase of construction completed this year. The first phase utilized trenchless technology to line the existing sanitary sewer mains and services within the Village right-of-way. In addition, clean-outs were installed on all active services to facilitate future maintenance.
The second phase of construction will occur in 2019 and includes the installation of new water main, water service replacement, sanitary sewer main construction, and storm sewer construction. In addition to providing increased capacity, the new water mains will provide improved redundancy allowing the Village to isolate areas reducing service interruptions in the future.
The third phase of construction, scheduled to occur in 2020, will be the roadway reconstruction. This work will involve the removal of all existing pavement, curb and gutter, sidewalk, and driveway aprons. New pavement, curb and gutter, sidewalk, and driveway aprons will be constructed along with the installation of ADA compliant curb ramps.

Pace Park-n-Ride - Complete
The Village and Pace Suburban Bus have partnered to develop a Park-n-Ride facility on Village-owned property east of Van Dyke Road and south of 143rd Street. The parking area of the facility has been completed with approximately 600 parking spaces available for commuters. The enclosed shelter facility and bus canopies are currently under construction with the entire project to be completed in 2019.

US Route 30 & 119th Street Traffic Signal - Complete
Work has been completed on the reconstruction of the US Route 30 and 119th Street intersection. The project included installation of a new traffic signal as well as geometric improvements to the intersection.


127th Street Reconstruction - Complete
The improvements included over a half mile of pavement reconstruction on 127th Street to provide a 34-foot wide edge-to-edge roadway with two travel lanes and a striped median (dedicated left turn lane at intersections). The existing pipe culverts within the project limits were replaced by a concrete box culvert structure with decorative finish and colored stain, and a painted steel pedestrian railing. Combination curb and gutter was installed along with an enclosed storm sewer system. New LED streetlights and ADA pedestrian safety improvements were completed. A shared use path was installed on the south side of 127th Street which now connects to the existing Northwest Park path system. A sidewalk was constructed on the north side of 127th Street. Funding assistance for the project was provided through a $2 million federal Surface Transportation Program grant administered through the Will County Governmental League and the Illinois Department of Transportation.