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During this time, please submit requests for service – such as zoning, floodplain inquiries, and special service area releases – by phone at (815) 439-2824 or via e-mail at

You may submit applications by e-mail, via the drop box located in the Village Hall parking lot, or by the mail/delivery service of your choice.

Updates regarding upcoming Plan Commission Meetings and public hearings will be posted on the “Agendas & Meetings” page of the Village web site.

The Planning Department is located at Village Hall  map
Contact via phone (815) 439-2824, via fax (815) 436-9785, or email


Jonathan Proulx, Director of Planning

Jake Melrose, AICP, Economic Development Manager

Yuchen Ding, AICP, LEED AP ND, Associate Planner

Jessica Gal, Associate Planner

Tracey Erickson, Administrative Assistant

(815) 609-6139

(815) 439-2826

(815) 230-2035

(815) 230-2034

(815) 439-2824

Planning Department functions:
Adopt-a-Highway Applications Floodplain Information
Burglar Alarms Green Village
Business Evolution Center Historic Preservation
Business Licenses Home Occupation Regulations
Comprehensive Plan Long-Range Planning
Conservation Plainfield Maps
Development Applications Plan Commission Inquiries
Developer & Design Professional Assistance Recapture
Development/Impact Fees Riverfront
DuPage River Sweep Sign Permit Applications
Economic Development TIF Information
Facade Improvement Program Zoning Information



Concept Plan Review
Annexation Agreement
Petition for Annexation
Special Use
Preliminary Plat
Final Plat

Site Plan Review
Application for Keeping of ChickensChicken Coop Permit

Banner & Light Pole Decoration Policy/Application

Zoning Ordinance

The Zoning Ordinance is Chapter 9 of the Municipal Code. It sets forth what types of uses are permitted in various zoning districts and establishes development standards, such as building height and setbacks, for each zoning district. It also contains the Village’s Site Plan Review (Article XIII), Landscaping (Article XIV), and Signs (Article XI).  Zoning Map

Subdivision Code

The Subdivision Code is Chapter 7 of the Municipal Code. This document prescribes the rules and regulations governing subdivisions, platting of land, and essential improvements. The Code includes procedures and definitions, platting requirements, performance securities, an ordinance on special flood hazard areas, an ordinance on soil erosion and sediment control, a stream and wetland protection ordinance, and the storm water drainage and detention ordinance.


Planned Developments
The Zoning Ordinance offers a flexible approach to development review known as Planned Developments (PDs).  In a Planned Development, it is possible to vary from certain aspects of the zoning ordinance in order to achieve a project that is more environmentally sensitive, economically viable, and aesthetically pleasing than might otherwise be possible under the strict application of the zoning code. Planned Developments are approved via a special use permit.  Please refer to the special use permit section (link) for more information.
PUD Design Guidelines - This document provides design-related information for new developments in the Village. The Village emphasizes the importance of design in creating community and quality of life. The PUD Design Guidelines are primarily geared toward residential design, however a commercial component is included.
Statement of Intent and Agreement (SIA) - Explanation - If you are developing as a Planned Unit Development then you are required, by Ordinance, to prepare a Statement of Intent and Agreement. Please reference this link to find out when the SIA applies and what materials should be attached to it.
Standard Statement of Intent and Agreement - Residential - This is the standard SIA for any residential development. Please use it and insert the appropriate information as indicated on the form.
Standard Statement of Intent and Agreement - Commercial - This is the standard SIA for any commercial development. Please use it and insert the appropriate information as indicated on the form.

The Village of Plainfield allows for the cost of infrastructure improvements such as road, water and sanitary sewer projects that benefit adjacent properties to be “recaptured” by the party that funded the improvements.  Please refer to the information below if you are a developer seeking approval of a recapture agreement for an infrastructure project. If your property is subject to recapture and you would like more information, contact the Planning Department at (815) 439-2824.
Program Explanation - This handout provides general information about the recapture process and recaptureable items.
Standard Recapture Agreement - The Village has a standard format for any recapture agreement. This includes specific information that must be attached to all proposed agreements. All agreements are reviewed by staff and must be approved by the Village Board.
Certification Checklist - When a recaptureable project is completed, costs must be certified in order for the Village to begin collecting and distributing recapture monies. This checklist outlines the submittal requirements to certify costs.

Floodplain Information

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is updating the floodplain maps for Will County. The floodplain maps are the official regulatory maps that determine what properties are in the floodplain and would require flood insurance. Properties located in the floodplain also have limitations on what can be constructed or reconstructed.

The proposed maps are available on FEMA's web site. Here is a guide to help you locate your property on the FEMA maps.

Adopted Plans

Complete Streets Policy

Comprehensive Plan

Countryside Plan

DuPage River Trail Map

Kendall County Trails and Greenways Plan

Open Space Plan

Riverfront Master Plan

TENG Downtown Master Plan

Vision for Divison



Design Guidelines for Planned
Unit Developments

Design Manual for the Lockport Street Business Corridor

Natural Landscaping Design

Residential Design & Planning Guidelines for Planned Unit Developments and Annexations

Residential Infill Design

Route 30 Corridor Enhancement

Single Family Design Standards


Documents & Links

Citizen's Guide to Public Hearings
Plan Commission & Zoning Board of Appeals Annual Report 2019-2020