Plainfield Emergency Management Agency

The Plainfield Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) serves as the main coordination point between all emergency services within the Village of Plainfield.  The primary mission of PEMA is to plan for, respond to, and assist in the recovery from any major emergency or disaster that may impact the citizens and services within the Village.  The members of PEMA engage in many activities related to homeland security and emergency preparedness including severe weather spotting, hazard mitigation, hazardous materials awareness, Ground Search and Rescue (GSAR), and compliance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS).  For more detailed information about the Plainfield Emergency Management Agency, visit their web site at www.plainfieldema.org or call Commander Ruggles at (815) 267-7211 or Chief Konopek at (815) 439-4803.

Chaplain Program

The Plainfield Police Department initiated a volunteer Chaplain Program in 1999 to assist police personnel and families dealing with stressful or tragic incidents.  The Chaplains are available to assist at major crime scenes involving death or injury, death notifications, domestic disturbances, or critical incident de-briefing.  The Chaplains have formed a bond with the members of the department and are able to assist them in many of the high stressed situations encountered by our personnel. The Chaplains have also entered into a working relationship with the Plainfield Fire Protection District where they supply the same type of assistance as they do to the Police.  To contact a Chaplain, call the Police Department main number at (815) 436-6544.

Fire/Arson Investigation

The Plainfield Police Department in conjunction with the Plainfield Fire Protection District has committed several members to additional training in order to investigate all fires that occur within the Village of Plainfield and the Plainfield Fire Protection District.  These firefighters and police officers investigate fire scenes to determine the origin of the fire and also the cause.  If the cause of the fire is ruled as arson the investigation continues until an offender is brought to justice.  The members of this team also work in conjunction with the MABAS 15 Cause and Origin Team made up of fire/arson investigators from Will, Grundy, and Kendall Counties; and the South Suburban Fire Investigation Task Force which includes investigators from several fire and police departments, members of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and State's Attorneys for several counties in the Chicago suburbs.  To contact a fire/arson investigator in Plainfield, call either the Plainfield Police Department at 815-439-4803 or the Plainfield Fire Protection District at 815-436-5335.

Special Events

All major special events, involving road closures, large gathering of people or special needs from the Village held in Plainfield are coordinated through this Division.  These events include Plainfield Fest, Spring/Harvest Fest, the Plainfield Community Homecoming Parade, and many others.  Special events also include Block Parties, any gathering with over 25 people in attendance, or the use of amplification or loud speaker equipment.  Members of the Police Department work in conjunction with the Fire Protection District, other Village Departments, and the organizers of the event to ensure for the safety and security of the workers, participants and visitors to the event.  Logistical and operational issues and concerns are discussed to ensure for achieving the optimal benefit to both event organizers and the community.

Any group or individual planning a special event within the Village of Plainfield should call Commader Ruggles at the Plainfield Police Department at 815-267-7211, at least three (3) months in advance of the event.  Applications and permits are required for many events, click here for more information.

Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS)
Mutual Aid Response Team

The Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS) has created several state-wide response teams to respond to major emergencies or disasters that may impact a community and their police force within the State of Illinois.  The teams are comprised of up to seventy (70) police officers formed into a Mobile Field Force Team.  These teams can respond in a short period of time to any disturbance, protest, or request for assistance from an affected jurisdiction; and once deployed, provide a supplemental police presence until the emergency or situation has been brought under control.  These teams would also be the primary responders to another State's request for assistance during a major event or disaster.
Plainfield has taken the responsibility and the lead in organizing a Mobile Field Force Team for this region of the state (Region 3-Central).  The team members have been chosen from over fifteen (15) departments around the Will, Grundy, Kendall, and LaSalle County area.  The Team became certified in 2007 and has responded to numerous local, State, and National events and emergencies.