The Village of Plainfield adopted a Business License Ordinance requiring all corporate, retail, and home businesses operating in the Village of Plainfield to register and be licensed. To view Ordinance #2083, click Municipal Code Online. You must notify the Building Department when there is a relocation or change in ownership of business. Business Licenses are not transferable from one owner to another or from one location to another. Your account will be closed only after a Business License Cancellation Notice has been fully completed and returned to the Building Department.

If you are applying for a new Business License or renewing an existing Business License,
please review the checklist below and fill out these forms:
Business License Checklist & Application 
Entertainment Permit Application 


The following letter is sent to all current business owners:
Business License Renewal Letter 

If you would like to cancel your Business License, please fill out this form:
Business License Cancellation Notice 


If you have questions, please call the Building Department at (815) 439-2937.